Not many people are aware of the plug that can be used to enhance your sex experience. The reason behind it is that it isn’t sold at your regular brick and mortar store but in specialized stores and websites that sell sex toys. Don’t get confused by the dildo as though the purpose might seem the same there is a lot of difference in terms of functionality. Both are part of the sex toy report are and will give you excitement on usage. One of the major differences from a dildo and a plug for the anus is that though it is of the same shape but the sizes differ and secondly it doesn’t try to replicate its look from a penis.

Use The Plug That Suits Your Anus

There are different shapes to korki analne; some are straight while the rest have a girth to it. Most of these plugs are designed with it being fat at the center and slender at the ends. The base of the plug has a flared base so that the plug doesn’t enter the anus completely. Men prefer the plugs to dildos as it fits better because of the correct size and secondly dildos have a dogma of being meant to be used by women only. These toys are made of silicon hence getting a lubrication ready isn’t difficult.

You Can Purchase Your Plugs For The Rear Online

Men who are new to the anal insertion should select a plug that is considerably smaller in size as they don’t want to damage the tissues surrounding the anus. With regular use they could go for a large plug as the body gets accustomed to the regular insertion in the anus region. If you are allergic to silicon then you have the option to select a plug made of latex or rubber. Lubrication is the key in these plugs hence use water and if you require more lubrication use oil to create the smoothness required to enter the anus. It is recommended that prior to inserting the plug into your anus; you could clear the space by using your fingers. Ensure regular cleaning of the plugs after usage, use warm water to clean it so that it doesn’t attract bacteria. Prior to using it again ensures that it is rinsed properly. Store it in an air tight vacuumed container so that it doesn’t get dirty prior to re-usage.