Are men really interested in meeting older women these days? The current scenario of high-level relationships where 熟女 often see themselves in the company of young men is what made them more socially acceptable. Older women, in this case, are affectionately called “pumas”, which, of course, is another term for wild mountain cat or even panther, depending on the specific region of occurrence. The concept that broke out on a Canadian dating site and its popularity led to a television series devoted to the Apple encounter, an idea of ​the documentary BBC “Sugar Mummies”.

Several reasons have been pointed out because adult women are more attractive than young women. It is hard to say why these things attract men, for it has never been as obvious as a young woman would like. There are actually a lot of resources, facts and more that explains why men would choose to fall in love with adult women. Puma engagement is usually for men who have had the experience of chatting and flirting with older women for them. The best indicated as the young male companion that attracts the mature woman and financially secure.


There are several reasons why the sweet young man can find a more attractive woman. Some of the most important are mentioned below:

Physical appearance

Women who now evolve as elderly women are balanced, improving the skills to attract and seduce men, which works perfectly for the young doctor. The excitement of flirting with the older woman for a man simply offers subtle feeling over and over. A sugar mother is the most attractive in these years when she has the ability to seduce the young and run.

Greater maturity

The young woman can fall into her trivial whims and desires, unlike the elderly woman who knows exactly what they want. If a woman who falls in love with a younger man wants to express something, she will and will certainly do it for her man. The commitment in such relationships is clear; the woman will never seek to acquire anything extravagant or other things like an excess of money or even proper preparations. They will appreciate the quality time you spend with them. You will be delighted with your honesty and humility.

Dating experience

You are wondering why Sweet Momma Dating is so convenient? Women who fall in love with younger men are adept at showing up for a date. You can hardly have the worst experience in lovers because they will tolerate you if you are so bad. To trust them with their time; They are so clear about what they like that the moments will slow down.


Mature women are up to the confidence. Their appearance, body language shows their seduction. They never depend on finances and, as a young man, you can lavish your money.

Sex without risk

The 熟女 understands the vitality of safe sex practice and, in most cases, is much less likely to become pregnant. Being in their sexual boom, they infuse with the wealth of experience much larger than a young woman can provide.