Why has sexting become so popular and how do teenagers see this kind of behavior? As expected, there is a wide range of views from those who believe that sexting is simply an innocent way to keep in touch with those who describe it as sinful and unpleasant.

Is there something positive in sexting? According to some teens, sexting is a way of expressing your feelings, even to graphically show that you love another person. Some teens believe that sexting is safe, because they cannot get pregnant and cannot get a sexually transmitted disease. In sexting, there is no physical contact.

Attract a boy’s attention

For some teens, sexting has become a way for a young woman to attract a boy’s attention. But if a boy or girl exchanges sexual messages with you, how do you know that this person exchanges these types of messages with other people? You do not have if you do not have access to this person’s mobile phone.


If a girl sends photos of her breasts to a boy she loves, how does she know that she is looking at the images himself? She does not. Many of the guys who receive these sexting messages will probably share their images with their friends. Remember, some guys like to brag and boast. If you are the one who sent these photos to the wrong type, the images can be placed on the Internet.

Some sexters consider these images impersonal, because this is just an image. But if it is a picture of you, in a committed position or completely naked, it is not just an image, it is erotic or even pornographic. And if someone over 18 years old exchanges sexting images with someone under 18, there is the possibility of criminal charges.

Relationships were challenged and destroyed only by a partner who opened another man or woman who are friends of their close associate on a social networking site, such as Facebook. Imagine how much more destructive for an intimate couple is to find one of these sexting images, and a rough and sensual text to accompany the photograph.

If the sexting image goes viral, it can never be extracted and deleted

What happens when this innocent “game” is opened by a potential employer or a new client or client or your parents? The branches, later in completely unexpected times, can be completely self-destructive. Sexting may simply be a phase that must be overcome, but the devastating consequences can have lasting consequences.