They say a woman’s mind is complex and unfathomable. And that one doesn’t know what they want or look for. What if we demystify women’s thought process and debunk this theory? You will be surprised to know just how easy it is to find out what they look for on a dating app. Read on to find out more.

While one woman’s preferences don’t hold true for all, there are certain things you must know and do to grab their attention. And yes, these advices are not rocket science. Anybody can have a successful dating app experience if he follows certain thumb rules that women have in their mind while they look for a date.

Turn-offs: Some major put-offs for women include wrong or old profile info, blurred pictures, rudeness or self-obsession, body-shaming, being too emotional or clingy, smoking/drinking, judgmental people, show-offs, poor communication skills, lies and of course, lack of self-confidence.

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Turn-ons: Some of the things that appeal to women on a dating app are well-kempt and readable personality, politeness, good listeners, kind and considerate nature, a fair understanding of psychology, gifts, flowers & presents impressive educational background, high credit score, general knowledge and awareness, and fitness of prospective suitors.

Dealmakers: What is easy to understand is that women’s expectations might be too high, but these rules are fluid and not cast in stone. Women often look for trust in a man, a feeling of security and comfort, a nice character common goals, focus on professional career; self—made people with a good sense of humour are almost every woman’s dealmaker.

Deal-breakers: Deal-breakers for women include the following, but not limited to, habitual liars, bad dressing sense, over-confident or snobbish behaviour, foul language, lack of respect for women, unwarranted sexual advances, body odor, and little or no interest in long-term commitment.

While these rules of using dating apps apply universally, there might be differences in how important they are to a particular woman. Now that you know how what women like/dislike and their long list of preferences, you can be sure to woo possibly any woman if you fit the bill. Most importantly, most of these qualities can be cultivated with time and patience. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make that date count for which you now have a repository of credible first-hand information.